Orthotics is concerned with design, manufacture and application of orthoses.

Foot Orthotics is kind of shoe inserts in which are medically proven to reduce the pain and discomfort. These are designed to control the foot function by curing inequality and modifying areas of weight bearing on the foot.

Orthotics or orthotic shoes are beneficial for the person who is:
Suffering from flat feet
Having pain in knees, ankle and hip
Suffering from back pain
Having pain in heels and calf muscles
Having bunions
Walking or standing for extended period of time at their work place.

Various benefits of Orthotics or orthotic shoes are:
Orthotics can offer you with additional shock absorption while walking, jogging, etc.
Orthotics assists in the alteration of minor foot abnormalities such as hammertoes.
Orthotics alleviates fascia pain.
Orthotics helps to realign the spinal column.
Orthotics maintains normal positioning of the bones in the foot, ankles, knees and toe alignment.
Orthotics Alleviate knee and back pain.
Offer relief for painful foot problems.