About Us

Mohan Wellness Clinic & Rossland Physio Clinic are proud to introduce our health care team to you.

Unlike usual medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, we at both the locations focus on improving your health in an attempt to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place.

Various multidisciplinary therapies like pain reducing modalities, Therapeutic ultrasound, Therapeutic LASER, registered massage therapy, Acupuncture techniques, Chiropractic adjustment and modified treatment programs to reduce acute and chronic pain are designed by our health care team or by individual practitioners as per the needs of each patient.

Most of the people think to be healthy and avoid illness, if they could and thus the people are getting familiar with the benefit of looking for a substitute to usual medicine.

We concentrate in anti-aging and weight management solutions and also successful healings for many pain and stress-related disorders.

Our facility is also equipped with a full gymnasium.

With your health in the hands of expert and committed doctors and practitioners at Rossland Physio & Wellness Clinic & Mohan Wellness , you can get an assurance that you are in the hands of exclusive proficient experts who are equipped with following criterion:

a) Concluded wide-ranging training in each specialized field
b) Restructured with up to date modus operandi
c) Keeps good sanitation and moral values
d) Caring Personality
e) Devoted toward total wellbeing