With a study-based therapy that rehabilitates injury without the use of drugs or surgery, we deal with Physical Modalities and Manual Techniques to Treat various musculoskeletal conditions and soft tissue injuries.

Physiotherapy reinstates energy, stamina, movement and physical abilities affected by injury, ailment or disability.

We try hard to supply a quality of care that further encourages the true efficiency of physical therapy treatment involvements and we achieve this through the latest know-how, professionalism and confirmed treatment methods. Some of the treatment methods are:

1. Hands on manual therapy (mobilization, manipulation)
2. Corrective exercise
3. Mckenzie techniques
4. Functional strengthening programs
5. Erqonomic and postural advice
6. Soft tissue release technique
7. Interferential therapy
8. Laser therapy
9. Ultrasound therapy

By applying the abovementioned treatment methods, our physiotherapists are able to rehabilitate tennis elbow, disc herniations, frozen shoulders, sprains, arthritis, strains, sports injuries and other various musculoskeletal problems.

With our skilled and competent physiotherapists fully committed for the betterment of the patients, we can assure following benefits they will get from our treatment methods:

• Reduce your pain
• Muscle flexibility reinstated
• Muscle force reinstated
• Joint range of motion reinstated
• Increased function at work and play
• Increased stamina at work and play
• Peace of mind
• Being able to sleep continuously free of pain at night
• Stop or minimize your medication consumption
• Return to playing your favorite sport